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Rose Quartz Face Roller + Gua Sha Set - Comfort Beauty
Rose Quartz Face Roller + Gua Sha Set - Comfort Beauty
Rose Quartz Face Roller + Gua Sha Set - Comfort Beauty

Rose Quartz Face Roller + Gua Sha Set

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The Rose Quartz Face Roller and Gua Sha are traditional Chines massage tools designed to cool, smooth, tighten, and de-puff your face and neck in seconds.

The Rose Quartz Face Roller is a double-ended roller that allows you to cover both broad and fine detail areas effectively. The naturally cool stone provides a calming effect to the skin, while the rolling motion increases the absorption of your beauty products, stimulates your lymphatic system and gives your muscles a ‘work-out’. Dark under-eye circles are reduced, and toxins are removed more efficiently.

The Rose Quartz Gua Sha is a scraping tool that when used with a gentle technique evens out the complexion and has amazing anti-aging results.


Suggested Use:

  • Apply your favorite moisturizing skincare product (serum, cream, sheet mask).
  • Gently roll in an upward and outward motion starting from the neck and moving up along your chin, cheeks, and forehead with the large roller. Finally, delicately massage the under-eye area with the small roller. Go over each side of the face separately, repeat each section 2-3 times for the best results. Use regularly for additional benefits.
  • If using the Gua Sha follow the same instructions but with a gentle scraping motion. Use the broad side of the tool for neck and face, and the tapered end for the under-eye area.
  • Clean your tool: wipe down the crystal with a dry or moist towelette. Don’t wash with water.
  • Tip: for an extra cooling effect, place your tool in the refrigerator before use.



  • Regular use of these tools increases product absorption, circulation, lymphatic drainage and muscle tone, improving the appearance of uneven skin tone, pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • It also reduces inflammation, eliminates toxins and improves skin elasticity for an overall slimmer, brighter and tighter complexion.



  • Due to natural variations in the color of the crystal, each tool will be unique in color and stone marbling. Color may range from a light green to dark green.
  • The Gua Sha is an intense massage tool that should always be used gently. Too much pressure when scrapping may result in bruising.
  • Any harmful consequence resulting from misuse, not following instructions or any other improper applications is not the responsibility of Comfort Beauty.


Product Details:

  • Material: Rose Quartz
  • Size:

Crystal Face Roller- Approx. 5.9 x 2.1inch / 15 x 5.3cm

Gua Sha- Approx. 3.1 x 1.9inch / 8 x 4.8cm